2016-2017 Faith Theme

Rooted, Nourished and Growing. | S'ancrer, se nourrir et s'épanouir.

 When I heard of this theme, the first thing I thought of was trees. Trees have roots to keep them strong and to bring nutrients and minerals to them. The water is what keeps the tree nourished and helps it grow into one of God's beautiful creations. The sun also provides nutrients as well because its energy helps the trees flourish. If one of these 3 things are missing, the tree will never grow. It is the same thing with us as well. We are rooted by our faith that drives us to do good things through Christ. We are nourished by going to church and receiving the body and blood of Christ. Confession cleanses our souls that have been damaged from our wrong decisions or actions. We grow through Christ so we can pass down our faith through generations and live our lives through God. If we fall short of one of these necessities, our faith won't grow, but at least we will always have people in our lives who are willing to help us regain our Catholic way of life.

 - Brayden Lord, Grade 9 student