Success Stories

Celebrating student and staff successes

Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools wants to help encourage our school communities to live a healthy life. If you or someone you know has been inspired to make positive changes to your every day health and wellness, we want to know! Email our Health and Wellness Coordinator or talk to your school's Health Champion about your (or your friend or coworker's) successes. A healthy lifestyle is better attained when we work together to encourage positive changes, so let's do what we can to help each other. 

June, 2017

We have a group of 12 staff training and competing in the Woody’s Triathlon on June 25, 2017. The race consists of a 750-metre swim, 20 km bike ride and a 5km run. These dedicated people have been training since April and have thoroughly enjoyed working with Char Andrew, our division's health and wellness coordinator. All are welcome to cheer on this group at the Michener Centre in Red Deer on June 25! 

May, 2017

Grade 4 students at Father Henri Voisin School developed new outdoor games after our Health and Wellness Coordinator, Char Andrew, presented them with the following question: "Can you design an outdoor game that will encourage healthy living while being enjoyed by other Grade 4 students?"

Over a period of three weeks, students had the opportunity to research different types of outdoor games, rules, elements that make a good game, and how games evolve over time. Students then planned, played and modified their created games. Char returned to the school where students presented their games and were given valuable feedback. 

As a final product, students completed a template with their game that included rules, the number of required players, equipment needed, directions for play and a diagram. These diagrams are displayed in Grade 4 classrooms for students to refer to. 

March, 2017

St. Teresa of Avila School’s "Kind Kids Club" was created in response to the high demand and increased number of students expressing a strong interest in being leaders in our school. The Kind Kids Club meets weekly to discuss and create activities to share with the school community to promote kindness, acceptance and encourage positive mental health. Some of the activities completed thus far are kindness missions, letters of gratitude for staff members, positive affirmations throughout the school, and kindness activities with each classroom.

In the following months, members of the Kind Kids Club will be paired with individual students in various classrooms during lunch to encourage new friendships. The school is also currently working on plans to share their message of Kindness with other organizations in our community! 

February, 2017

Our Health and Wellness Coordinator puts on various fitness classes for staff throughout the school year for people of all fitness levels. This month, we wish to acknowledge the participants of the Wednesday circuit training class. These people get together for an hour each week to work on strength, balance, and cardio in an effort to improve their overall health. 

Way to go! 

January, 2017

The Grade 3S class at Maryview School is one of 250 classes in Alberta to have the opportunity to participate in the Energize Oil Country physical literacy program put on by the Edmonton Oilers. This class, led by Curtis Lansing, is pledging to complete 60 minutes of activity every day beginning January 9, 2017 until March 19, 2017.

The goal of the program is to increase physical literacy and provide opportunities necessary for students to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle for themselves, with their family and friends, in their classroom and ultimately in their community. The ten-week Energize Oil Country program is initiated by students taking a pledge to complete 60 minutes of physical activity each day.

Students track their daily physical activity in Energy Logs over the course of a ten-week program. Teachers submit weekly updates through the teacher portal on the program website. Any physical activity counts towards the target goal of 60 minutes per day.

December, 2016

After diligently attending the early Monday morning fitness classes offered by our Health and Wellness Coordinator this school year, Dana Pikkert wanted to offer a similar class at her workplace, Father Henri Voisin School. Dana organized a boot camp style class for her fellow colleagues on Wednesday afternoons after classes are over. Twelve people usually attend the class, and all participants love having this kind of program offered at their school, making fitness fun and attainable. Way to go, Father Henri Voisin School staff!

November, 2016

This past July, Leigh Baker (Administrative Assistant at École Our Lady of the Rosary School, Administrative Assistant with Inclusive Learning) and her husband, Bert, hiked the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island for the second time after completing it eight years ago. After spending the better part of a year training and planning for the adventure, Leigh and her husband completed the 75 kilometre hike in 7 days.

While Bert is an avid outdoorsman and experienced hiker, Leigh claims to simply tag along in an effort to strengthen her body and their marriage. Together, they spent many hours dehydrating food (meat, yogurt, fruit and veggies) and doing a lot of walking. They were quickly reminded of how hard the trail was after facing the first of many 100 foot ladders at Gordon River on the first day. Leigh and Bert successfully hiked with heavy backpacks filled with a tent, clothes, food and gear through muddy bogs, slippery log crossings, numerous bridges, six cable cars, boulder fields, and infinite kilometres of soft sand beaches. There were many slips, falls, bumps and bruises along the way, but Leigh and Bert say it was all worth it to spend time together among gargantuan cedar trees, unbelievable ocean views, water-carved caves, tidal pools swirling with marine life, waterfalls, kilometres of unspoiled beaches and plenty of wildlife sightings.

Leigh says that the journey was absolutely rewarding and looks forward to her next adventure with Bert.

October, 2016

With a family history of heart attacks, and high blood pressure and high cholesterol at the age of 32, Guy St. Martin (Maintenance Department at École Secondaire Notre Dame High School) listened to his wife’s advice and saw a doctor. He was given medication and thought that the pills would heal him, and that no life changes were needed. A few years later, Guy learned he had diabetes. He was given the option of injecting himself with insulin daily, or change his lifestyle. After speaking to a dietitian, Guy found a healthy eating plan he could live with and began walking (starting at 10 km, three times a week). He began rollerblading with his wife and running with his daughters until he found the motions to be repetitive and somewhat “boring.” His daughters suggested a Mud Hero Race, and then a Spartan Race, so that they would train and spend time together. They ended up earning a trifecta medal for all their races. This year, Guy completed two half marathons, and four Spartan Races to receive a second trifecta medal. Guy is known as his doctor’s “star patient” for turning his life around, losing 50 lbs and keeping it off for over 17 years. Guy believes, “I cannot help what I inherit through my family history, but I sure can help myself by exercising and staying healthy, and enjoying life as I do.”

September, 2016

Janine Tattrie (Educational Assistant at St. Teresa of Avila School) and her kids, Cassidy and Jayden participated in the Spartan Race on September 4, 2016, at Heritage Ranch in Red Deer. Jayden completed the youth race while Janine and Cassidy completed the Sprint Spartan which consisted of a 5 km run and 13 obstacles. This was the first time all three participated in an event of this kind. Everyone was proud to finish and overjoyed with the comradery and encouragement they experienced at this event. Way to go!