Know Your Zone, Safely Home

September 6, 2017

We want to ensure our students remain safe at all times while being picked up and dropped off from the school bus.

Please read below our information about safety zones:

A safety zone is an area (at least 1 metre from the curb of a road) where students must stand when waiting for the school bus to arrive and depart.

In the morning (five minutes prior to pick-up time), students of all ages are required to line-up in the safety zone until the bus door opens.

This also applies in the afternoon when the school bus operator drops students off. All students need to wait in their seat until the bus door opens before heading to the safety zone. Students need to remain in the safety zone when the bus departs.

Students are NOT allowed to cross in front or behind the bus during pick-up or drop-off, as the City of Red Deer does not use alternating flashing red lights to control traffic.


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