CTF Essence Statements and Learning Outcomes

CTF encourages an engaging and holistic learning process that results in the development of a product, performance or service. CTF can integrate other program outcomes by identifying cross-curricular connections as well as literacy and numeracy skills. CTF creates an environment where students explore interests and passions while developing skills and competencies and making connections to career possibilities by exploring any combination of the Career and Technology Studies (CTS) occupational areas.

Students work toward a shared goal in response to a challenge. Finally, the process involves bridging the community and the school to create authentic learning experiences. The CTF curriculum is based on three draft essence statements that outline the essential characteristics of CTF and provide the context for the related 13 draft learning outcomes:

CTF is exploring interests, passions and skills while making personal connections to career possibilities

  • I explore my interests and passions while making personal connections to career possibilities
  • I use skills/technologies associated with occupational areas
  • I follow safety requirements associated with occupational areas and related technologies

CTF is designing, creating, appraising and communicating responses to challenges

  • I problem solve in response to challenges
  • I design in response to challenges
  • I adapt to change and unexpected events
  • I make decisions in response to challenge
  • I appraise product(s), performance(s) or service(s) created in response to challenges
  • I appraise the skills/technologies
  • I use in response to challenges
  • I communicate my learning

CTF is working independently and with others while exploring careers and technology

  • I describe how my actions affect learning
  • I develop skills that support effective relationships
  • I collaborate to achieve common goals