Comprehensive Music Program

What is the Comprehensive Music Program?

The Comprehensive Music Program is designed to expose elementary school students to all facets of music, including singing, listening, moving, reading, writing, creating music and playing all types of instruments. This multi-faceted program gives students the opportunity to choose what areas of music they would like to explore. The overall goal of the program is to create an enjoyment and appreciation of music.

What is changing in Grade 5?

Traditionally, Grade 5 students have learned to play one band instrument. The Comprehensive Music Program continues to develop positive attitudes and skills through a more generalist approach by singing, listening, moving, reading, writing, playing all types of instruments and creating music. The goal is to inspire more students to take music in middle school.

What is currently being done in my child’s school?

At St. Martin de Porres School, students are exploring musical theatre, choral music and learning to play a variety of percussion instruments. Also, students are learning to keep a steady beat, match pitches and reading music notation. Grade 4 and 5 students are working on songs that will be in “The Chronicles of Narnia” production held this upcoming February. The rest of the school will begin preparations for the production after Christmas.  

At Maryview School, Grade 1 students are learning to maintain steady beats through rhythms, body percussion and choral. Grade 2 students are performing songs using beats, rhythms, body percussion and movement. Grade 3 students are learning to play percussion instruments (woodblocks, rhythm sticks, triangles) to highlight beats of songs and singing in unison. Grade 4 students are working on basic music theory including notes, rhythm, beat and choral. Grade 5 students are singing in two and three part rounds to learn to identify instruments, melodies, introductions, themes, variations and notes.

At Father Henri Voisin School, Kindergarten students are learning how to use their singing voices. Grade 1 students are working on steady beats. Grade 2 students are learning to sing in pitch and playing xylophones. Grade 3 students are working on a movement game, which has three parts: pitched or unpitched instrumentation, movement and harmony. Grade 4 students are learning how to play boomwhackers and creating their own scales/pieces of music. Grade 5 students are working on performing “In The Jungle” by choosing their own accompaniments and using a variety of instruments.

What if I still want my child taking band?

Students at these three schools will be given the opportunity to take band in middle school. The hope is that the Comprehensive Music Program will encourage more students to pursue band opportunities at the middle school, high school level and beyond.