Inclusive Education

Inclusion: Making Differences Ordinary

The Alberta government and school authorities across the province are working together to build an inclusive education system where success is supported.

Catholic learning environments value all children and youth to the same degree. Each student must have an educational experience where they feel welcomed; they belong; and, they receive a quality education.

At Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools, student success is our guiding principle. Each student matters and every learner offers contributions to the learning environment and enriches our Catholic faith community. This is regardless of their first language, cultural background, ability, disability, gender, age, or any other identifying factor. 

Implementing an inclusive education system is about making changes that show educators are thinking about all students, diverse learning needs and approaching their work differently. Each learner has unique needs that are supported while providing valuable educational experiences for all. Students instinctively work together creating rich opportunities leaving an everlasting effect impacting our society. 

Parents and school staff demonstrate our Catholic faith by collaborating to develop meaningful relationships and positive outcomes for all learners.

Visit Alberta Education website to view the inclusion video series about valuing all students, changing how we talk about disabilities and using a positive behaviour approach to support learning. 

We Believe in Every Child

At Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools, we believe that every child should reach his or her full potential. Our Inclusive Education Programs are offered in a Catholic faith environment. They are based on the belief that every child can reach his/her full potential when given the opportunity.

Special Education programs are offered to children and students identified with mild, moderate and severe disabilities, or as gifted and talented.

There are three important goals when we welcome a child into our Inclusive Education programs:

  • To collaborate with parents as members of the Learning Team so we all focus on the assessed educational needs of the child.
  • To ensure that the student has access to adapted or modified programming to enable or improve learning.
  • To engage parents in timely, fair and open communications about the education of their child with special education needs.

A Program for Every Child

INCLUSIVE EDUCATION involves educating students with special education needs in regular classrooms in neighbourhood schools. This is the first option to be considered by the Learning Team, with other choices as well.

SPECIAL EDUCATION teachers in each school provide consultation and support for the Learning Team and inclusive education, conduct specialized assessments, and work with small groups of students.

FOUNDATIONS is a specialized classroom environment for students with moderate to severe developmental delays who may also experience physical, behavioural, sensory or medical challenges. Students focus on functional life skills.

GIFTED EDUCATION is supported through differentiation in the regular classroom to meet the needs of all children.

PRE-KINDERGARTEN AND KINDERGARTEN programs provide assistance for children ages 2 1/2 years to 5 1/2 years of age with special needs. Parents and staff work very closely together.