Division Faith Theme

All are welcome. All belong. | Soyez tous les bienvenus. Vous appartenez ici.

"When I first learned of this year's division theme All Are Welcome. All Belong., I decided to have people holding hands around the world to represent all humankind united together in love. The cross on the earth reminds us that God is always with us, even though we can't always see Him. Each symbol drawn on the many-coloured people represent different things: the rich, the poor; the joyful, the brokenhearted; the imprisoned and free; the unborn, the elderly; doubters and believers; sinners and saints. Whoever we are, Jesus asks us to be welcoming to everyone: to welcome 'ALL' into our schools, our churches, our communities, and our friendships."

 - Sophia Rolheiser, Grade 6 student